What is Your Primary Goal With Media?
Engage Members Impact Community Reach the Nations

Engage Members

Using media to engage your members helps create a healthy growth within the culture of your church.

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Video Announcements

Video/Audio Podcasting

Sermon Series Bumper

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Impact Your Community

To impact your community you must be where they are.  They are at home on the computer shopping, socializing, posting, watching the news, etc. 

So are you using media to impact your members?  

You can! 

Recommended Features

Sermon Highlights

Video/Audio Podcasting

Cinematic Storytelling

Live Streaming

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Reach the Nations

``Go therefore and make disciples in all the nations``

Using gospel centered content to reach the nations has such a large impact.  We have had churches start in other countries while watching live stream video from our church partners.  Every nation is within your reach! 

Recommended Features

Live Streaming

Sermon Highlights

Animated Speaker Title

Social Media Posting

Custom Website Development

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Key Features

Allow your church to engage, impact and reach in a way that has been impossible until now.

Video Announcements

24 Hr Turnaround*

Sermon Highlights

Independent Feeds

Web Maintenance

Color & Audio EQ

No annual contract


iTunes, Soundcloud Distribution

Animated Speaker Title

24/7 Tech Support

Social Media Management

The Reverent team has specifically handcrafted these solutions for the modern Christian church.

Our Weekly Podcasting Process for Churches


We train your volunteers to record and upload the raw footage through our portal. Also, we'll work with you to ensure you have all necessary tools.


Once the raw footage of your sermon has been uploaded to our portal, we will color grade, edit, add necessary animations and introductions.


When the edits are complete, we will process both the audio and video to be web-ready for fast download or stream.


Upon completion of all the previous steps, we will upload to vimeo, youtube, soundcloud, itunes, and embed on your website.


Sermon Highlights

Essentially, these are ``Teasers`` for the Full Podcast, a way to get people interested

Each week we will make a 1-2 minute “highlight”. It can be either a sermon recap or an impactful point within the sermon. We have found these are incredibly impactful to presenting the Gospel online. In 2016 we launched what we call ``The Gospel Pub``. Within 3 weeks we had nearly 20,000 followers because all we posted were these encouraging sermon clips from local area pastors. That being said, if used properly, these can be an incredible tool for the Kingdom.


Video Announcements

Wanting to speed things along on Sunday mornings? This is your answer.

Video announcements are an incredible resource if you are strapped for time on Sunday morning and need to keep the announcement sections short and sweet. Every church's needs are different and we can customize a plan to make these work for you. Don't forget, once you've invested all the time into making these videos they are perfect for social media and the weekly email blast!


Special Video Production

You need a video? We've got the guy.

You may have a testimony you'd like to capture or perhaps a new welcome video for your website. Either way, we provide packages that will allow you to have our team on standby. You buy production hours from us for a year and then you spread those out over 12 months however you see fit. This way, you get nearly 50% off industry standard rates for animation, compositing, on-site production, and more!

Brand & Graphic Design

Logos, color schemes, banners? All of these can be incredibly overwhelming to handle internally. We partner with you and can help with consulting all the way to printing.

Video Production

Your story is important to us. In addition to our monthly service offerings, we provide custom video production for you and your church.

Web Development

We offer churches a discounted rate and provide complete web design and maintenance for $197 per month with no upfront costs.

The Next Step... Talk To Us!

We know how overwhelming it can be to find the best solution  for your church. We also know that every church has different needs. We’re here for you. So give us a call or shoot us a message and we can work together to support your needs!

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